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5 places where men like to have fun

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5 places where men like to have fun

The time to enjoy is this sublime moment, the peak of intercourse, but where do men like to enjoy it?

This was the question that our friend Dread answered in one of her videos:

In fact, she listed the 5 favorite places for us. Everyone has their preference, which one is yours?

She commented on the areas where men usually like fetish, with breasts, butts and of course face.

And, as Dread comments in the video, he loves to imitate porn

So we replicate these visual scenes by throwing everything on the side, and yes, we really like all this mess!

Keep in mind that nothing has to do with a good conversation with your partner, where you can decide together where you want to have fun

Talk to her about what you like and what excites her and so on.

Remember that letting this beam into the girl's face is not a good sound without knowing what's going to happen

Places where men like to have fun

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