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This is undoubtedly the craziest challenge on the internet

If you're a Twitter user, something may have happened on your computer #Running Butthole Challenge, (Running Butthole Challenge).

We do not know exactly how fashion started, but people literally run around showing their holes on the internet.

Yes, you read that correctly. It's a challenge where people run naked and show "the back door" that everyone can see!

Run Buththole Challenge

In the literal translation we can call it "the challenge of running and showing the donkey".

It was not long before Pornhub videos like this appeared.

Run Buththole Challenge

Apparently this was one of the first videos

And it already has more than 5 million views

Then things got out of control.

But nobody complained!

The most important thing is to show

And so it got better and better!

The joke has won new fans

Then people became more and more curious

The men entered the

And the women loved it?

And it was always funnier

By the way, you did not expect that!

Even with some accidents

Careful, girl!

Slow motion videos have arrived

It's certainly mesmerizing, right?

The internet is really wonderful, right?

A rescue for those who will visit RunningButtholeChalleng

Do not forget to send your video twitter

Do you like #RunningButtholeChallenge? Then leave your opinion in the comments

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