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Isa Case in her first sensual essay Sexy Pics

Isa case

Isa Case is 20 years old, born in Curitiba, and confessed that this was the first time she had written a sensual essay.

The photos were taken by our friends from Bella of the week and we separated a few clicks.

What are you doing to stay fit?

Lately, I'm not focused on keeping the shape the way I like, without any restrictions.

What does a man have to have for you?

The human must have fun, be entertained and be smart. Smell man certainly wins good points.

Has a woman ever hit you? How did it go?

Woman has already met me, but I have refused with the whole education of the world, women do not attract me.

Have you ever tried a sensual test?

I've never tasted anything before, it was the first and only one.

How do you deal with the exposure of your body?

I think people still have a lot of taboo against the body. I see a lot of normalcy in all this. In fact, everyone knows what a female body is like. Only forms change.

I think it's a work of art, I think it's beautiful, and I see no problem with the naked.

With you, Isa Case

Isa case
Isa case
Isa case
Isa case

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