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Moon France in the sensual cheeky test Sexy Pics

Moon France

Lua Francia is 22 years old, lives in São José (SC) and is a woman full of attitude!

We shared the best photos of her rehearsal for Bella of the Week as well as excerpts from her interview.

What is the first thing you observe with a man?

In any case, the chat, laughter! I love a smile.

What really makes you crazy at the time H?

Listen to the man, I like it that they say how great it is. After all, I did not shave in vain, did I?

In which part of your body do you tremble the most?

AHHH DIFFERENT! I am very sensitive to touch!

What is your tactic to spice up the relationship?

Do not let it fall into equality, be it with a lingerie, a song, a place, a position.

Is there a fantasy that you have not realized yet? Which?

I've done many things that most women (my age and even older) have never done. I am a bit at the moment.

Did you ever have sex with more than one person at the same time?

Yes, 2 women (me) and another man.

With you, Moon France

Moon France
Moon France
Moon France
Moon France
Moon France

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