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Reader Girl – Gween Black is a painting Sexy Pics

Gween Black is like a painting and you will be amazed by this essay that photographer Lars Black clicked on

Gween Black

At the age of 25 years Gween Black was born in São Paulo, but lives in Rio de Janeiro. The cat started working on adult entertainment in 2013 when she decided to change her life and tried to become a camgirl. The result of love at first sight. But in her spare time she has an excited routine: "I am a painter and sometimes I exhibit some of my works, art is a passion! I also climb as a hobby."

Gween Black

Long-time love

Gween has known about testosterone for some time. "I already spied the blog in 2008, I was not even old enough to join, so I waited until I was 18 and started posting," says the Camgirl. Sexuality for her was never a taboo: "I've always been very determined about my body and my photos, I think I was born to it in a way! I love it too much and I think it shows up in every smile of every photo."

Gween Black


The cat will soon take in many new fans GweenGangHow the crew who accompanies his work calls. What else does she get from social networking news? "People who loved my videos, saw something different in it, women who learned to masturbate, men who saw a video and laughed for nothing, people who were lighter and happier! I feel like my videos are something else are more than usual and I'm happy about that, "he says. A pity, right?

Gween Black

Good luck

Gween Black is married and very well married, she tells us. The cat fills her mouth when talking about her half face and summarizes three features: "One best friend, who faces the adventures of life and partner in work! "Congratulations to the couple!

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A little bit of both worlds

Lars Black has been photographing for almost three years. For him, finding the right light for every situation is most difficult, especially outdoors. Of course, he liked this essay: "It's always a fun and stressful situation, lots of pictures are taken until you find the right ones, but the end result always makes it worthwhile."

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