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Reader Girl – Jully Assad is pure passion Sexy Pics

The tattooist Jully Assad has an incredible power: let fall in love. And you can try it with those clicks of Sweet Suicide you're looking for and more.

Jully Assad

At the age of 34 years Curitibana Jully Assad, as well as an alternative model, has been working as a tattoo artist for about two years. But for them these two tasks are not boring at all: "I love to pose, so I live the practice! I love to tattoo and to be in good company My biggest dream is to be recognized in the job and for a while live outside Europe or the US. "

Jully Assad

I am looking for your sensuality

Can you believe that Jully Assad has been married for 14 years? The model began photographing a sensual essay after she had parted ways: "I felt the urge to find my sensual side, and when I started to take more daring photos, I found myself again, found my sensuality and felt better." I recovered me as a woman! ". A pity, right? We love it too, Jully!

Jully Assad


And if you've enjoyed Jully Assad's photos, you know you're not alone, she loved it too. "The photos for testosterone were made with great love for the readers of the site, they became sexy, different and beautiful," says the model. And you know who had a special touch on it? Our dear photographer Sweet: "She knew how to discover my beauty and sensuality, we waited a long time to work together and we are very happy with the final result."

Maturity makes the difference

Jully Assad has been together for four years and is accompanied very well! "I'm very happy with his maturity in terms of my work, which I've always wanted," says the model, who is too happy with her boyfriend. And she gave the qualities that made her fall in love: "In a relationship with me, much love, desire, respect and trust are essential."

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Once again

The photographer Sweet Suicide is back! Can not you love your photos? The photographer has been dedicated exclusively to sensual essays since 2017 and is also the model from time to time. "I would say I'm a combo![[[[laughs]I use the experience that I gained as a model and help the girls who want to enter this market. So I recruit, take photos and take care of everything, "he says.

Does your mission challenge the time to take pictures? "Change the view that women have about themselves. Due to the negative experiences they have made in the past, many are being pushed aside and suppressed. My mission is to make them see themselves as they are, to love and appreciate themselves. "

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