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The photographer Gabrielle Lindner is our reader of the week Sexy Pics

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Gabrielle Lindner

Gabrielle Lindner is 22 years old and lives in Joinville. She is a photographer and our reader of the week.

She told us a little bit more about her craft: "I'm working on continuing moments and beauties that go with the times, I'm just a photographer of women, and I use my story of overcoming a medical error that has the aesthetics of mine Belly damaged with 48 points You feel thankful for your youth in the soul and its different beauties, after many incredible women, beautiful inside and out, have not yet been able to realize their potential World to change one face at a time. "

I do not like wasting time on futile things and empty people, but I spend a lot of time satisfying my curiosity for unknown things that surround our world, whether the human mind or whatever it can do, whether it be very good or very bad. I appreciate the time more than anything else. That's why I chose the job that only works to perpetuate the moments and beauties associated with the times.

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Good morning, people will start dieting again in the end. , , #joinville #photo

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What do you like to do in your free time?

I like surfing the Deep Web, laughing, I'm a fan of the secrets of the internet and the world! I do not have much time for hobbies because I already work with my biggest hobbies and passion and my schedule is very busy …

Do you like sports

If I say that I do not support a team, will they fight me then? I have other priorities in life and none of them is football, so I have no knowledge about it, so I can tell which team would be the best so I can cheer it on 🙂

What kind of movies do you like the most?

I like movies and movies that talk about psychology, I'm a fan of the movie Centopeia Humana and the Tarantino Movies.

Which are your favorites?

My favorite series so far has been Salem and Sons of Anarchy.

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Can I also take pictures of people? hahaahahah, I also want to have a beautiful photo of you, girls 💛. , , #olhares #joinville

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Which music style do you listen most?

I'm in love with Aurora and James Brown, I listen to them most of the time, but my favorite singer is Freddie Mercury.

Have you followed testosterone since when?

I like it when you approach topics that few people discuss for fear or embarrassment in society. It's funny that people need someone to talk to them when nobody says so, and all you have to do is reveal their strangest secrets, laughter.

Who inspires you?

Joe Buissink, a 45-year-old man living in the US, has stepped out of the company where he has worked all his life and has told everyone he becomes a photographer, calls him a madman and nobody supports, not happy and already photographs the dismissal. A celebrity photographer, even though everyone laughs at this crazy idea, is behind it with an incredible story and has made it, is today reference in the world.
I am inspired by people who do not listen to the opinions of others.

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Losing the opinion of others and winning yourself is the motto of my life and I hope your readers of testosterone thinks about it;)

With you, Gabrielle Lindner

Girls from the nearby program Escort nearby

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